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Routine vs. Medical Eye Exams FAQs

By Lang Family Eye Care / April 23, 2020

What determines routine vs. medical? Your reason for the exam, as well as your results will determine whether your insurance company will classify the exam as routine or medical. A routine eye exam is defined by insurance companies as an office visit for the purpose of checking vision, screening for eye disease, and/or updating eyeglass…

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Trying to Prevent Near-Sightedness in Children

By Lang Family Eye Care / October 1, 2014

In an article published in the UKs Daily Mail Online they reported on a school in China that had installed metal bars on the children’s desks to prevent them from leaning too far over their school work and causing near-sightedness, or myopia. Recent research in China has shown that 41 percent of Chinese children in…

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Eye Health Myths

By Lang Family Eye Care / September 17, 2014

A short time ago we read a great article about eye health myths that asks the question: “What if your eyes were sick, and you couldn’t see the flowers, or a Picasso painting, or your own kid?” What a thought-provoking question! Of course we, as eye health professionals, see our patients eyes as our primary…

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Your Eyes and Diabetes

By Lang Family Eye Care / November 14, 2013

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss in the United States. A 2013 article by Medical News Today talks about diabetic eye disease, the importance of regular eye exams, and reducing the risk of losing your vision. Diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma are the most…

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Can Swimming with Contacts Cause Blindness?

By Lang Family Eye Care / October 1, 2013

We came across an article about a woman who had contracted a parasite in her eye while wearing her contacts in a swimming pool and it caused blindness in that eye. Acanthamoeba keratitis is what caused her blindness and though, as the article says, she was careful to care for her contact lenses and her…

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Can You See Magic Eye Pictures?

By Lang Family Eye Care / January 20, 2012

If you’ve ever walked through a mall you probably know what magic eye pictures are. If not, they are those crazy images that are lots of colors and patterns, but at first glance look like nothing at all. Until you stare at them. Then “magically” they start to appear almost three dimensional and you can…

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