Optical Department Brands of Glasses

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Pediatric/Children’s Glasses & Frames

A selection of popular frames for boys and girls are available. Children’s glasses are selected with style, comfort, and durability in mind.

Miraflex is a popular children’s brand of glasses we carry at Lang Family Eye Care. These frames are custom fit for children as young as 1 month to 8 years. Miraflex is made of a rubber/plastic composite to remain fixed for the proper alignment. These frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that can be specifically ordered.

Sunglasses and Sun Protection

Maui Jim is our ultra-premium sun-wear, which uses a proprietary polarization system. Maui Jim also offers lenses with a low riding near segment perfect for golfing, outdoor reading, and active lifestyles to aid in the near vision while not inferring with distance vision or depth perception.

Occupational Glasses

Today’s working environments vary greatly and hopefully your ophthalmic lenses are up to the task. Specific working distances can be calculated and designed for specific needs.

Quadrafocals are designed for those that require a bifocal and have near working distances positioned overhead. Traditional progressive lenses and bifocals are rendered useless while working on near objects at eye level or above. Quadrafocals are an excellent option for plumbers, mechanics, electricians and anyone with an overhead computer or monitor.

Computer glasses can be tailor-made for your specific working distances for any desk or office setting. They can reduce fatigue and enhance efficiency.

Golfing lenses can be customized to enhance contours of greens and fairways giving any player an advantage, while enhancing the colors around. Specific gradients can be applied for precise lighting conditions to cut down on search time. Bifocals often interfere, but personal modifications may be done to clear the line of sight and still record your score.

Hunters/Shooters can benefit from specific wavelength filters to amplify surroundings and vantage points. Powers can be created for each individual for optimal sighting and down range environments with scopes and other equipment.

Musicians have stands at different working distances based on their instruments and performance needs.