Orthokeratology/Corneal Refractive Therapy Custom Nighttime Contacts

These lenses re-shape the contour of your cornea while you sleep to provide crystal clear correction-free vision during the day!

Ortho-K lenses flatten the cornea to the precise prescription calculated. It is often compared to a retainer for straightening teeth. Once the cornea is flattened depending on the patients prescription some people only have to wear their lenses 3-4 nights a week to maintain continuous clear vision. If you want to stop therapy your cornea will go back to its original shape in a few days to a week.

These lenses are the only FDA approved treatment to inhibit progressive/familial myopia (nearsightedness). The mechanism of how this process slows myopia has yet to be discovered, but the results remain.

Additional Ortho-K Information

Ortho-K is great for kids with prescriptions not stable enough for refractive surgery, athletes (more specifically swimmers or athletes that profusely sweat), and anyone with high myopia running in their family. Once a child has stopped growing and is ready for refractive surgery, the therapy may be stopped and a procedure may be selected. Many parents are afraid their child may become too near-sighted for LASIK. This is a great way to ensure that their myopia (near-sightedness) will be in control when they are done growing.

Ortho-K is also completely reversible unlike refractive surgery, produces no corneal scars, and can be easily modified for visual demands or changes in prescription.


More Information

Here is a short video about orthokeratology:

If you would like to watch a more detailed video about orthokeratology, you may view this 15 minute informational video: